Environmental preservation

At SERIFRUIT, we are committed to carrying out efficient and sustainable processes that contribute to the care and preservation of the environment. For this, we have solar panels that allow us to generate electricity from the use of energy from sunlight. These facilities are located in two locations: in our SERIFRUIT A1 and A2 warehouses and in our solar farms. In this way, we contribute to the reuse of energy while reducing the carbon footprint and obtaining savings on the electricity bill. In addition to using superlight nets, cellulose nets or thermal paper ties that significantly reduce the use of plastics, we are committed to IFCO and Euro Pool System reusable containers, which contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

Innovation and quality

At SERIFRUIT, the commitment to nature is constant. For this reason, research and innovation are two essential pieces in our day to day.

They make it possible for us to obtain a product of exceptional quality while minimizing the environmental impact of each and every one of our processes.

The reuse of water resources and the replacement of fertilizers and pesticides with natural components that are respectful of our environment make us a benchmark company in the sector.

Permanent exploitation

SERIFRUIT harvests are committed to a philosophy of permanent exploitation. The fruit that we collect is classified depending on its quality and size, a factor that allows us, on the one hand, to make use of the entire product without any waste and, on the other hand, to take into account the characteristics of each fruit in order to consume it in the most optimal way. In this sense, we have a significant production destined for the consumption of first-class fruit. This segment reaches various supermarkets and end customers. On the other hand, the fruit of a lower category is used for the juice industry.