A wide variety of high quality citrus products, thus covering a long, stable and long-lasting campaign.

During the summer season, we commercialize melons and import juice oranges.

We complete the offer with other products such as kumquat and lima.



A family tradition

Several generations dedicated to the production and commercialization of citrus endorse us. History, tradition and know-how during all these years are our greatest pride.


More than 50 years of experience in production and marketing in the citrus sector

After more than 50 years of experience in production and marketing in the citrus sector with different and innovative projects, Vicente Serisuelo founded SERIFRUIT in 1997 with the support of his family fully involved in the family business.

In these initial steps, SERIFRUIT installs its headquarters in modest facilities in the city of Burriana (Castellón), from where they start exporting citrus fruits and melons all over Europe, and increasing day by day their ability to work. After these first years of experience and its consolidation in the sector, in 2003, SERIFRUIT inaugurates its first plant of horticultural manufacture in Betxí (Castellón), its hometown. Modern facilities of more than 18,000m² where more than 4oo tons of daily.

With this step SERIFRUIT is settled in the sector as a business reference in the export of citrus fruits. In addition, we acquired in 2016 new facilities also in Betxí, of an area of 30,000m², where we can make more than 5oo tons of daily.

With no doubt, we can affirm that SERIFRUIT is he has earned the trust of their clients. A company of family character, where the new forms of management and the desire for innovation makes it stand out in a region of great citrus tradition.


In the heart of the “Plana Baja” of Castellón, a privileged climate for citrus cultivation

We are a family company dedicated to the production and commercialization of citrus fruits and high quality melons. We are located in the heart of the “Plana Baja” area of Castellón, where we have a privileged microclimate for citrus cultivation. SERIFRUIT are currently a leader in the production and export of Mediterranean citrics. The experience as producers and the direct relationship with the field, allows us to offer an excellent production of oranges, Mediterranean clementines in addition to different varieties of melon, lime and kumquat. Thus offering export service during the 12 months of the year. Thanks to the growing capacity of production, preparation and distribution of its products, as well as its recognized quality, SERIFRUIT markets from Betxí more than almost 1.000 tons of fruit daily in the middle of the campaign, are distributed to Europe and other international markets.