At Serifruit we have our own insectarium to breed natural enemies of the Cotonet, the generalist predator Cryptolaemus montrouzieri and the parasitoid Anagyrus vladimiri. Little by little we have been increasing productivity.

We also carry out releases of Amblyseius californicus and Aphytis melinus to biologically combat the Red Spider and the California Red Louse.

At Serifruit we are committed to incorporating cover crops into our crops, to favor the refuge of natural predators, control soil erosion, reduce herbicides, promote organic matter in the soil, increase soil fertility and prevent the dispersal of spores. of the fungi that inhabit the soil.

We are producers of organic fruit. Our goal is to make use of the best cultural practices to preserve natural resources and biodiversity. In the same way, we carry out treatments endorsed by organic certification bodies that are as selective as possible, in order to respect wild fauna and flora as much as possible. All this to achieve the most efficient production possible for our consumers.

Production Systems

As we are committed to the environment, our fields and those of our associates are cultivated under exacting the international protocols of Good Agricultural Practices and GLOBAL G.A.P. We promote a sustainable development of agriculture towards the modernization of the sector with the latest technology, but without ignoring the maximum compliance with protocols of the agri-food industry. Therefore, SERIFRUIT us relies on the values of the most traditional production based on its experience, having in mind a future perspective towards a sustainable environment.

With New Technologies

The use of new technologies has become a fundamental reason in managing the care and administration of estates, thanks to an intelligent use of data and techniques such as geolocation of lands, satellite imagery, meteorological data, irrigation control, etc. All this information is gathered in an automated manner so that our field personnel can make the best decisions and manage them in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Selection and harvesting

The most important moment in a campaign is the time to harvest the product. For this, in SERIFRUIT uses the latest technology that determines the optimum moment of harvesting the fruit. The fruit arrives at the market in its optimum state of ripening. As a security protocol and to meet the strictest environmental and food requirements demanded by international markets, all of us items are analyzed before entering its facilities. In SERIFRUIT planning us harvesting activity in the field with an excellent organization and coordination based on the orders, seeking an optimization of the resources. The aim is that the shortest possible time passes since the fruit is harvested from the tree until it reaches our customers.



We are concerned about the quality of our products and our objective is to ensure its origin and correct distribution. We use a modern traceability system that ensures both the origin and the entire handling process through which our products have passed, in order to solve any incident that may arise immediately. At all times maintaining the control of origin and quality until it reaches our customers.

Handling and manufacturing

When the fruit arrives at our plants, it undergoes an intensive phytosanitary control that certifies its quality, and once the product passes an exhaustive safety protocol, it is introduced in the production lines where it is classified and selected according to size. Depending its confections, we have automated packed equipment, although continues to bet to our different packer’s equipment the fruit is treated with the greatest care. Here the final selection and the fitting of the product is carried out completely manually. Our packers are qualified professionals who work in teams looking for the uniformity of all the product commercialized under the brands of SERIFRUIT. During this process, we continue to carry out all the necessary controls to guarantee food safety, according to regulations required by the GLOBAL GAP, GLOBAL GRASP, IFS and BRC certifications. This is possible thanks to the different quality departments that supervise and monitor the finishing of all the products that leave our facilities.


SERIFRUIT covers a large heterodox number of international clients, ranging from the direct relationship with large stores and official suppliers of the most important fruit distributors at an international level, to small merchants who distribute to the neighborhood store and who want to have our brands.

In order to supply the demand for our products, SERIFRUIT has a large fleet of own and associated vehicles that allow us to transport them in record time and in optimal conditions, from the field to the international market.

The consumer

Undoubtedly, this is the final step of our production chain and the one in which SERIFRUIT puts all its efforts. All the protocol of action is aimed so that our client can enjoy a fruit of high quality and in the optimum moment of consumption during all year. So all our work and effort is rewarded when a customer is satisfied after tasting our products.



SERIFRUIT has all the necessary certifications for the confection in our facilities A.2 and the commercialization of organic oranges under our brand BIOSERI. This commercialization is certified by ES-ECO-020-CV, operator CV4509 E.