SERIFRUIT offers a wide variety of high quality citric products, thus covering a long, stable and lasting campaign. During the summer produce melons and continues offering premium quality oranges, completing its offer with other products such as kumquat and lime.

The strict quality parameters and us extensive experience as a producer allow us to achieve an excellent homogeneous and durable product. His concern for the traceability of the product denotes a high involvement with the most traditional agriculture, but without forgetting the most advanced technologies of comprehensive production systems. All with the aim of getting the best product for their customers.



Clementine is a citrus coming from the natural hybridization between a mandarin and an orange. It is a medium size fruit and slightly flattened with excellent color, sweet taste and easy peeling.

Its flesh has segments of easy separation, full of juice and a large amount of sugar and vitamin C.

Its sweetness and intensity are the characteristics that predominate in the taste


Mandarin is a citrus of medium size, high coloration, aromatic flavor and easily peeled in most varieties. Its flesh has tender segments of easy separation, full of juice with a large amount of vitamin C. Its flavor is characterized by having a certain acidity with a large proportion of natural sugars.



Orange is a citrus of great caliber, medium coloration and of strong and thick peel, changing aspects according to the variety. It is fleshy and has a high concentration of juice with high levels of sugar, as well as a large amount of vitamin C. It is characterized by an intense sweet taste, perfect to consume in juice or to eat as a whole to taste directly its flavor and texture.



The peel of the toad melon has an oval form, ranging from medium to large size, characteristic by its peel of dark green tones and black spots. Its flesh is of an intense white color and has a firm texture, with large amounts of juice rich in sugars. It is characterized by its sweet and intense flavor accompanied by an excellent balance between firmness and creaminess provided by the high amount of juice inside.


The yellow melon is a slightly oval melon of reduced size. It is named after its peel in shades of yellow mustard. It is characterized by a compact flesh with crunchy texture, light greenish white color and intense sweet taste, with a balanced content of natural sugars.


The Galia melon is small and spherical in size, usually not weighting more than one kilogram. The outer peel is thin but hard, green and with numerous yellow marks. It has a large amount of tender flesh extremely sweet, with a greenish color that makes it very appetizing.



The kumquat is a shrub of the family of rutaceae, closely related to citrus. The fruit has an ovoid shape of small size, covered with a fine and aromatic edible peel and an intense orange color. Its flesh is integrated into the fruit, with great creaminess and high levels of acidity. You can eat the entire fruit, and it is also used for the aroma of its peel.



The lime is a citrus of medium size and slightly oval, with aromatic, strong and thick dark green peel. When it is ripe, its flesh is yellow with high concentrations of acidity. It is characterized by its high aroma especially on its peel. This lime is characterized by its full cultivation in the special microclimate that enhances its organoleptic qualities.