Corporate Compliance



EMAIL USAGE: The use of this email is solely limited to reporting potential criminal activities that occur within the scope of the company. The reporting individual must identify themselves by providing their full name, surname, and position held within the company. Subsequently, they must describe the incident they are aware of or have witnessed in as much detail as possible, including, if applicable, identifying the potential offender. Anonymous reporting is also permissible, but it should at least specify the department within the company to which the reporter belongs. CONFIDENTIALITY: Maximum confidentiality regarding the identity of the Employee reporting is ensured, except when it becomes necessary to disclose their identity to the authorities as established by law. It is strictly prohibited to retaliate against anyone who, in good faith, brings to the attention of the company a potential breach of the Internal Code of Professional Conduct, a possible unlawful behavior, or any situation that might entail a legal risk or collaborates in its investigation or resolution. However, this guarantee does not apply to those acting in bad faith with the intent to disseminate false information or harm others. Every report will be processed in accordance with the internal Whistleblowing Management Protocol, which has been approved and is part of the Risk Prevention and Management Program (Corporate Compliance). Initially, the external company responsible for handling the report will receive it, and they will issue a completely anonymized record. PROCESSING: The Ethics and Compliance Committee is responsible for processing and investigating the reports received through the Channel